We will miss seeing you!

At Kaan Pete Roi, we study suicide and try to work towards preventing it. We try to connect people in pain to people who can help hold the pain. But we are still never ready for it when it happens. We are so shocked, and so saddened, to hear the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death today, and to find out also about Disha Salian’s death a few days before.

Many people are asking – why. Why would someone so successful feel compelled to do this?

I do not know why. Perhaps those close to them have a deeper understanding. In many cases they do; in many, they do not. I would gently remind everyone that someone’s outward ‘success’ does not always have a bearing on inner pain, emotions, and thoughts. Every single person in the world has a side that is theirs and no one else’s; their own battles, their own betrayals and heartbreaks, illnesses and health, successes and failures. It is not always for us to understand.

I request everyone to take care in how they choose to speak and share news about these deaths. Do not ask how they took their lives, and do not find a source of gossip in the details of these deaths. Suicides of those we admire and look up to can affect us in strange and unexpected ways, and how we talk about it on social media or in public places can have unintended consequences. I know that the layers of grief, confusion, and anger after something like this may be of a different nature than if these deaths had happened as a result of an accident or a physical illness. Explore these feelings. It is a hard place to be in, I know. But also, please know: we celebrate their lives, and mourn their deaths, to the same degree that we would have if they had lost their lives any other way.

We thank these individuals for their contributions to the world and for bringing so many, many people joy through their work, and we send our condolences and support to the friends and family of Mr. Rajput and Ms. Salian. Mr. Rajput – we will miss seeing you!

To those reading this who may be experiencing suicidal feelings themselves, I understand that these feelings can be complicated, and in many cases intensified, by news like this. Please, speak to someone about what you are going through. In Bangladesh, you can call Kaan Pete Roi.

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Author Information

Dr. Yeshim Iqbal
Founder and Director
Kaan Pete Roi Emotional Support and Suicide Prevention Helpline


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