My Journey with Kaan Pete Roi

I started my journey as a helpline volunteer with Kaan Pete Roi (KPR) in 2014. The first day is still vivid in my memory–it was the Pahela Boishakh of that year. All these years later, KPR continues to be a sacred place for me. A place  I can drop by anytime I need a break from the hectic schedule of life, knowing that no one will judge me or question my sudden visit. It is a safe space where all the volunteers accept you wholeheartedly.
My first voluntary experience was with KPR. We had to handle helpline calls with absolute confidentiality. KPR’s protocol requires us to treat the privacy and confidentiality of the callers as our first priority. This experience taught me a lot about professionalism.  My time at KPR also enabled me to network with professionals as well as getting to know individuals from diverse backgrounds.
I handled many phone calls at KPR, some of which were from people in acute risk of suicide. After the completion of  two years as a volunteer, KPR management offered me to conduct a research project titled "Evaluation of Training for Suicide Prevention Helpline in a Developing Country". I worked on the project as a Research Coordinator from August to October 2016. Listening to other volunteers’ befriending calls and accumulating data was a major experience for me. 

For the Statement of Purpose (SoP) of my scholarship application, I wrote about my experience of starting as a volunteer and maturing as a Research Coordinator at KPR. I believe that it showcased my commitment and dedication towards my profession and aided me in getting the scholarship in London.
Finally, I want to say that KPR is a great platform to prepare yourself for life and future career. Just grab the opportunity and utilize it. In return, help the community through humanitarian work.

Author Information

Mostak Ahmed Imran
Play Therapist & Asst. Educational Psychologist
Psychological Service Center, Dept. of Educational and Counseling Psychology
University of Dhaka


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