Listening: An Act of Love

As soon as I discovered Kaan Pete Roi, I was taken by the idea of listening without judgement. Volunteering for them seemed to be the perfect opportunity to stand up for mental health awareness, a cause I held close to my heart. I applied to be a volunteer right away, without realizing how deeply this organization was going to influence me.
The interview and the training process assured me that these people really knew what they are doing. The befriending concept was new to me, but I instantly felt a connection. What Chad Varah started more than half a century ago stood the test of time for its simplicity and the fundamental empathy humans feel for each other. Still, it is through practice that empathy and non-judgmental listening can truly be achieved and implied in everyday life.For me, this training was the first step towards that.

Thus began a journey that helped me learn, grow and look beyond what meets the eyes. It was immediately after a difficult phase of my life when I started as a helpline volunteer. The act of bracketing my own feelings and lending an empathetic ear to strangers proved to be rather therapeutic.

My association with KPR began at the helpline, but did not end there. Members of the management took all the volunteers under their caring wings and encouraged us to get more involved. From designing posters and portfolio to hosting a radio show for KPR, it has been quite an experience for me. This is true for all the volunteers; they go out of their way to help and spread the word about KPR. 

It makes me cherish the opportunity to meet the amazing human beings that volunteer here. We quibbled over food choices, laughed at silly things and jumped at the chance to celebrate any occasion. Handling helpline calls, often suicidal, is not an easy task. The challenge of the job and the obligation for confidentiality brought us closer, creating a bond unlike any other.In this city of chaos, KPR is a safe space for friendships and genuine laughter.

We have had many regular callers over the years. Every time someone calls and thanks us for listening to them, the feeling is precious. The pace of our busy lives often makes us overlook the simple joy of sharing. My biggest takeaway from KPR is that listening is the greatest gift one can give. 

Ananna Farzana
Student, Masters in Communication, ULAB 


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