Comfort, Safety and Warmth

You know, when you have that one place where you can go back to anytime you want, no matter how many days have passed and stuff? Well, for me, 'Kaan Pete Roi' is that kind of place. KPR is basically an emotion for me. I learned so many things, met so many amazing human beings and not to mention experienced a whole lot of things! 

I joined KPR obviously because I wanted to do some good, but only after some days I realized it's about so much more. I live in an area that's very far from KPR office, still I managed to come to the office 3-4 days a week (!) And it's only because of the welcoming environment, people and the overall vibe KPR offers. 

I remember the training session being too overwhelming for me as I always lived in my own little bubble and had very little idea about how others' lives can be so different! But after completing the whole session, I immediately knew that this journey would be an amazing one and definitely will teach me a lot. Before joining KPR I never knew that people can be so different yet make one feel this much comfortable and safe. The whole place was filled with great positive energy.

In between taking calls, sharing call experiences, random discussions on 'each and every possible topic' I grew close to this organization in a whole different level. This place of comfort, safety and warmth not only gave me the space to be myself but also changed my outlook on life in a positive and better way. Though I'm not a regular volunteer now, KPR will always be special to me. Always. :')

Mansura Meghla
University of Dhaka


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